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Fulfilling the vision, of creating a housing development that will provide an opportunity for old students to live near the California Vipassana Center, to mutually benefit their own practice and to benefit the Center through their Dhamma Service is a multi step process with numerous hurdles along the way. The first big hurdle is the approval of the subdivision from the county. This was accomplished, with the unanimous vote from the board of supervisors on Oct 23rd, 2018. The next major milestone is to raise the capital required to fund the infrastructure work. This work is currently estimated to cost between $900,000 to $1,100,000. Although we can not predict how long it will take to find old students to help with this effort, once this capital is in place, the construction can begin and will be finished within one year. After this, once the county inspectors sign off on the work, the county will give their final approval and the lots can be sold to individual households.

Once the construction of the infrastructure is underway, work can start on the design of the dwelling units and common facilities. The design process will involve the future residents and will be timed to be finished by the time the county gives their final approval. With both the final approval and designs in place, owners will be able to obtain building permits, construction loans, and start the construction of their new home. If all goes well the home construction can be completed in 6 to 8 months. Leading to the final milestone where residents move into their new abode.

Please fill out the contact form to find out more about becoming a founding member and supporting the construction of the infrastructure or becoming a future resident.

Here are all the steps:

Submit application and preliminary map to county for entitlements (general plan change, zoning

change, and subdivision) (March 2018).

☑ Preliminary map approval (May 2018).

☑ Submit tentative map and required reports (June 2018).

☑ County Staff approves tentative map and schedules planning commission meeting (Tues. Sept 4th,


☑ County staff prepares mitigated negative declaration report.

☑ Tentative map approved with conditions at Planning Commission Meeting.

General plan change, zoning change, and tentative map approved by Board of supervisors.

☑ Investor LLC formed. (June 2018)

☑ Infrastructure engineering and designs completed. (June 2018)

Initial capital raised from 10 to 12 investors/future residents.

☐ Break ground.

☐ Infrastructure completed.

☐ Dwelling unit and common buildings design completed.

County approves final map (lots can be sold).

☐ Building permits acquired for dwelling units.

☐ Construction on initial dwelling units starts.

☐ Construction on initial dwelling units completes.

First Residents move in!

Craig Rublee