LCC Membership

We are now seeking old students to become founding members of Standing Stone Village. These members will join and provide capital contributions to the Standing Stone Village LLC. The LLC will act as the developer of the subdivision and will oversee the construction of the infrastructure and then and the sale of lots in the subdivision. 

As part of this work, the LLC will work with the future residents to create designs for the homes and common facilities along with creating the framework and legal documents for the homeowners association. The capital contributions will fund the construction of the infrastructure. The cost of the infrastructure work is currently estimated to be between $900,000 and $$1,100,000.

Members of the LLC will have the ability to apply their capital contribution to the purchase of a lot. Members will also be given priority in lot selection and sold lots at a discounted price. Members that wish to just support the project, will have their capital contributions returned through the proceeds from the lot sales. 

If there is interest, we can explore ways people can support the project through charitable contributions to help subsidize housing for those providing substantial service to the center.

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