The Homes


Small, energy-efficient, home designs


Pre-designed Homes

Lot owners will be able to select from a set of pre-designed homes. These will include homes with 1 to 4 bedrooms. During the design phase, founding members will have an opportunity to be involved in the creation of the designs. The floor plans shown here are conceptual and are subject to change as the project moves forward.

Design Layout

Each home is designed with the kitchen and a front porch facing the common walkway that runs between the lots. The living room and bedrooms are toward the back of the house for more privacy. Since there will be shared facilities in the common house (guest rooms, a large dining area, meditation room, laundry, office space, and multipurpose rooms) each home can be smaller.

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency will be incorporated into the design and construction. The homes will meet the new California Building codes that require all new homes to generate as much energy as they use. The roofs will have south-facing surfaces for the installation of solar panels to meet this requirement. 


The design of the homes will provide for the accessibility requirements of senior residents and all walkways will have an accessible route.