The Village

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A Vibrant Supporting Community


The Village

The subdivision is designed as a small village, with driveways and parking on the periphery. Clustered building lots are accessed and connected by walkways and green space. The goal is to create a vibrant community where neighbors know each other well, reduce their cost of living by sharing resources, and help each other out when needed.


Each household will have their own private home with a kitchen and other traditional rooms and amenities. The homes will be on individual lots. Each household will individually own and maintain their lot and home.


Residents will share a common house that provides a focal point for the community. It is a space that can be used for communal meals, pot lucks, meetings, joint group sittings, informal get-togethers, office space and to accommodate overnight guests. It will include a large dining area, a semi-professional kitchen, guest rooms, a meditation room, laundry facilities, and additional multipurpose rooms. The shared facilities in the common house, allow each of the homes to have a smaller footprint.

Common Grounds

The lots in the village are contained within a larger 34-acre parcel and there is green space shaded by large oak trees in the middle of the subdivision. These common grounds allow for ample room for additional walking paths, an orchard, and a vegetable garden.

A barn is also planned for storage of garden, maintenance, and recreational equipment and can be used as a workshop space. 

Homeowners Association

The common facilities and grounds will be owned and maintained by a homeowners association funded by monthly fees. Residents will manage, set the policies, and set the monthly fees for the association.




The Standing Stone Village Project is located 1 mile south of the California Vipassana Center on Road 225 in North Fork, California. The neighborhood is composed of single-family homes on parcels of varying sizes - from 40 acres down to a few 1 acre parcels. The site is gently sloped from north to south and dotted with oak and pine trees. Whiskey Creek runs through several of the adjacent parcels.



The town of North Fork is 3 miles away. Driving time to Oakhurst is 30 minutes; it is 50 minutes to Fresno and 45 minutes to the entrance of Yosemite National Park.

North Fork is an unincorporated community in Madera County, California. North Fork is in the exact center of California and the starting point of the Sierra Scenic Byway.

Fresno, the closest city is home to an international airport, a university, several hospitals and medical services, all major stores, numerous restaurants, and other services.


With easy access to Yosemite National Park, the Ansel Adams Wilderness, Bass Lake, Redinger Lake, and the surrounding national forests and foothills, there are ample recreational opportunities from backpacking, to hiking, car camping, cycling, kayaking, and sailing.