Standing Stone Village LLC

A Limited Liability Company (LLC) has been formed to act as the developer of the Standing Stone Village subdivision. The LLC will:

  • Oversee the construction of the infrastructure.

  • Market and sell the lots in the subdivision.

  • Work with the future residents to design the dwelling units, common house and common facilities.

  • Work with future residents to create the policies for a homeowners association.

  • Facilitate the construction of the dwelling units on the behalf of the lot owners.

The LLC is being managed by Craig Rublee and Brian McNamara has been hired as the project manager. We are now looking for additional founding members of the LLC to make capital contributions to fund the construction of the infrastructure. This work is currently estimated to cost between $900,000 to $1,100,000. Once the infrastructure is completed and the inspectors sign off on the work, the county will give final approval for the subdivision, and the lots can be sold.

Members of the LLC will have the opportunity to convert their capital contributions towards the purchase of a lot and will have priority in selecting a lot in the subdivision and depending on the market conditions be able to purchase a lot at a discounted price. Members of the LLC that wish to support the project but are not interested in the purchase of a lot, will share in the proceeds of the lot sales with goal to return the entire amount of their capital contribution.

If there is interest, we can explore ways people can support the project through charitable contributions to help subsidize housing for those providing substantial service to the center.

Standing Stone Village - Financial Structure.png